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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Raising three girls....

There is no doubt I love my girls, but sometimes I wonder how I am going to get through these teenage years, with such attitude, such emotion, such drama....each and every day! I, at any single time, have at least 1 of these sweet girls mad at me for not being fair, or not giving them enough attention, or making them do more chores than the other. It really is never-ending! Usually mornings are the worst! They get up grouchy from not enough sleep, fight over the bathroom mirror, or the straightener, or some article of clothing that the other is wearing, and the day begins. However, even after all the hassles Mom gets from these girls, I still wouldn't trade being the mother of 3 girls for anything. I am so thankful that God has given me the blessing (and sometimes, curse) of raising three females. Thanks for letting me ramble what's on my heart this morning after another difficult start to my day! :)


  1. For all the "troubles" being the mother of girls could not be more wonderful! My four daughters are the greatest blessings I could ask for. Now that they are grown up for the most part I just love watching them together. They are truly each others best friends.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Cheryl! I really needed that.

  3. I have two girls, 23 & 13. Going through the teen years is so hard. I can completely understand all that you are going through.. well, except for the fighting over clothes. ;) But, you know, I am so glad I have them. They are best friends. Believe me, it wasn't always this way. The oldest was extremely jealous of her younger sister for many years. That, thankfully, has subsided and turned into a great relationship. I hope it is always that way with them. Hang in there!!! Before you know it, they will be grown up and off to college!

  4. Thank you, Michelle...for taking time to leave a comment and some words of wisdom for me. I'm so glad your girls are best friends, and I'm really praying my girls will be too - for the rest of their lives. It's just difficult to see that "friendship" when they are bickering. HA!

  5. With only one, I can't relate to some of these issues (like fighting over the mirror and clothes, LOL) but I sure understand your frustration with the attitude. It cuts right through you, that's for sure. There have been many times that I've wished I could apologize to my mom for the heartache I caused her...I try to chalk it all up to burgeoning independence. It's not easy, but it helps...some times. :) Hugs to you, Alicia!

  6. Thank you, Lisa! I appreciate your sweet words.....