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Friday, April 8, 2011

I won...I won!

I am on my way to work this morning and the local radio talk show was playing Match Game. I always have my phone in hand, just in case I might know the answer to the question. The question was about the Boston Red Sox (and I know nothing about baseball) so I almost tuned it out, but I didn't. The Red Sox got beat so badly yesterday that their socks aren't red, they are ______________. I had to match the radio personality Tommy Barnes' answer. A couple of calls came in with obvious answers like "white", etc. My immediate thought was "bleeding". Ha! I thought that was a great answer, but they started giving hints like "think candy". I then knew the answer was "baked" for Boston baked beans. I called, the phone rang, I answered, and I won 4 tickets to the local play entitled Twilight Garden at the Renaissance Theatre on Sunday afternoon. The girls and I are going to have some girl time. It is an interactive play on stage with the characters, and it is a family friendly play about growing older. I can so relate to this....


  1. So....how did you like it?? I hope you had fun!

  2. It was a great show, Ginger! The humor was a little "old" so I'm not sure the girls got a lot of it. Carmen said the one old man reminded her of Grandpa. The singing was fantastic. The one old lady ended up getting Alzheimers at the end, so it ended extremely sad. I was crying... the girls were laughing at me for crying.

  3. YAY...Congratulations!!!!!!!