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God has blessed me with a wonderful, loving husband and four beautiful children. I love my life and am so thankful for how much I have been blessed.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I have been blessed...God's so good to me!

We spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon, together... at the pumpkin patch, riding around our area seeing all the gorgeous Fall trees, and stopping just anywhere and taking photos. This was my favorite photo of the day. I love this photo because, in the midst of our busiest season of the year when we are running here and there to soccer and volleyball games and practices, I am reminded once again that my kids actually enjoy being together. One of my favorite songs is "I have been blessed, God's so good to me." There was a time 18 years ago when I didn't think that God was going to bless Mike and I with children, and now I look at this photo, and I am brought to tears. God did choose to give us four miracles and I never want to take that for granted! I love these kids with all my heart.


  1. This is such a sweet photo, Alicia! I love seeing your four together. You are so right, you are blessed! :)

  2. AMEN! Beautiful post and photo Alicia!!

  3. Beautiful photo of your beautiful children!

  4. Awesome picture! You know what is most important! :)

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